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Winemaking under the Coutelas name can be traced as far back as 1675 and in 1927 Pierre Coutelas made his first bottles of intentionally sparkling wine. Four generations later Great Grandson Bryan has taken the helm and begun the task of modernizing all aspects of Champagne Marx-Coutelas. He has a great start, hand dug chalk cellars under the winery store reserves coming from the family holding in organic and sustainably farmed vineyards from Venteuil and the surrounding villages.  

The first vineyard that was farmed by the family is still used today. An 11th century vineyard planted on sand and clay with a deep calcareous subsoil on a south facing plateau is the basis for many of the family blends. These days there are 5.5ha of vines under cultivation spread across 30 plots. Bryan’s father Patrick has retired, however he can still be seen working the cellars and vineyards. 

The winemaking has taken a decidedly ‘modern’ approach with dosage coming down, fruit harvested with more maturity and a use of grasses in the vineyards and the expulsion of synthetic compounds for treatment. All of this has added up to a remarkably fresh take on a centuries old terroir. The wines are exciting and only headed for more and more greatness. 

Bryan is the head of the Epicurewine organization. A group of young, like minded winemakers in Champagne that formed to have a showcase and a platform for their bottles. There has not been, until now, a place for the newest projects and winemakers to have a public facing group that unconditionally support innovation. Their annual tasting during Champagne Week in Reims has been a source of some of the best finds in the region in decades. As these wines make it to market expect their legend to grow even larger. 

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