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In 1944, Gilbert and Juilenne Levasseur, both descendants of winemakers, decided to create their own brand of Champagne; Levasseur Winery. Gilbert’s son Albert took the reins from his father and in 1992 slowly began to pass along the wisdom needed for his son David to take charge. In 2003, David took full control of all aspects of day to day winemaking. He modernized the cellar, adding thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks and a new press. He uses computerized monitoring devices to watch over each plot and has converted all farming to sustainable viticulture including the use of overcrops. Only Organic fertilizers are used and no synthetic herbicides or pesticides are ever sprayed. 


Levasseur’s 4.2ha vineyards were certified HVE in 2016 and since 2020 have been certified Organic. Spread over 18 separate plots an average of 35,000 bottles a year are produced. Each vine is closely watched throughout the year to maximize growing conditions and output for optimal ripeness. Yields tend to be a bit lower than their neighbors, but quality of fruit is the most important factor. 


The modernized wine making facility is on Rue du Sorbier which lends its name to their iconic cuvée. It is a blend of the equal proportions to the vineyard 80% Meunier, 15% Pinot Noir and the remainder of Chardonnay. It is the oldest plot, planted in 1973 by David’s father the year after his birth. It is a single plot wine with 75% from the current year and 25% reserve wines. While there seems to be a recipe for this blend, in fact it shows from year to year the differences in what mother nature has to offer. This small, beautiful vineyard shows us the best of Cuchery year in and year out, and that is just the beginning of the range… 

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