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The moment when the next generation takes over usually does not happen overnight. The transmission of knowledge begins at birth and continues gradually becoming more and more in depth until the children eventually join the family business. Then a daily immersion until the parents one day give over the reigns (and most of the time move to the south of France). Champagne Durdon Bouval is in the middle of this all too familiar transition process. Ludo and Sandie have been at the helm of winemaking and their son Antoine (pictured above) joined the team in October of 2020. 


As the fifth generation Antoine will be in charge of 6.88 hectares composed of 51 plots in the heart of the village of Vincelles. The vineyards are split 3.89ha Pinot Noir, 1.82 Meunier, and 1.17ha Chardonnay and are all certified Organic. Most of the vines are situated south/ south-east with ideal mid slope location to maximize the best sun exposure. They begun their conversion to certified organic farming in 2012. 


Annual production is only 10,000 bottles. Eventually the production will grow but it will do so slowly to ensure that the quality of the champagne in bottle is never compromised. There are not fast decisions taken here, there is no eye towards what is hip or trendy. The lineage of the vineyards and family that oversees them are only concerned with the overall quality of the final product. Each bottle you pop will remind you of that fact. 

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